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Made to order in our factory at Revesby

Allied Packaging Co specializes in offering a range of Solid Fibreboard and Converted board to the Manufacturing and Distribution sectors.


Solid Fibreboard

Solid Fibreboard is a cost-effective option to corrugated board, whilst offering other features such as less dust, more precise sizing for converted boards and food-grade attributes when required.

Our Solid Fibreboard inserts are being used by companies to replace other packaging products such as wood to achieve a more ecologically friendly package, whilst fulfilling their fit for purpose criteria and achieving cost downs in material handling and product usage.

Solid Fibreboard: We have a range of solid fibreboard from 300um to 3000um in stock, or made to order sizes.

Industrial Applications: Product can be tailor made to your exact requirements. Industrial layer boards are used extensively to protect products in storage and transit and to stabilise the load.

Book Binders Board: We offer a range Pasted Grey Board in sheets from 900gr / 1500um – to 1800gr / 3000um.

Pallet pads: We supply Solid Fibre Pallet Pads made from 100% recycled fibre, which can be made to your unique requirements, to protect your product from dirt, nails and splinters that are common to wooden pallets.

Our range of Solid Fibre Pallet Pads is suitable for both pallet protection and product interleaving usage.

Solid Fibre Pallet Pads offer some significant advantages over Corrugated pallet pads:

First is bulk: Our pads range from 300um to 650um in thickness where corrugated pads are usually 3.0mm – to 4.0mm in thickness for similar strength. This means a pallet of 300 sheets of Corrugated board is the same height as 1500 sheets of solid fibre board, which means handling 1 pallet versus 5 pallets of corrugated board.

Second is storage: Corrugated board pallets cannot be double stacked – Solid Fibre pallet pads can be stacked 3 to 5 pallets in height saving at least 5 times the floor storage area.

Third is cost: Solid fibre pallet pads usually offer a cost down opportunity when compared with traditional corrugated layer pads.

Pallet interleaving: Lightweight Liners can be used as interleaving between layers as a load stabilizer, or to lock layers of cartons together on a pallet.

Board Converting

Our range of boards can be converted by Guillotine to individual customer specification and include the following end-usages:

Layer boards used for the separation of products in packaging including food packaging.

Stiffener boards for the packaging of products such as shirts, sheets etc.

General applications wherever products need to be protected by separating.

Our board is a cost effective option to corrugated board and or wood, whilst offering other features such as less dust and food grade attributes where required.

Board thicknesses can range from 300um (0.3mm) to 3000um (3mm).

Packaging Insert Boards – Solid Fibre insert boards can be used for a range of applications including the replacement of wood in packaging. Cost downs and OHS improvements can be achieved by eliminating other forms of packaging.

We also offer a range of services such as:

Guillotine Trimming – Guillotine trimming for layer board.

Punching – Drill punching holes for string ties or other usage.


Angleboard Corner Protectors

Angleboard helps secure the pallet load and can be used to form a stillage, or ‘protective shell’ to facilitate greater use of warehouse & transport space. Made to order in our factory at Revesby.


Cardboard Mailing Tubes

Cardboard mailing tubes in stock or made to order. Need to post something in a tube – or need to store rolled or folded documents, prints, pictures, or need a cheap & simple wine-rack?



All ours raw materials are sourced from FSC certified mills. This certification proves it is sourcing materials from FSC-certified forests, recycling and/or controlled sources and is following FSC-defined best practice throughout the production process and supply chain.


We can help tailor make a solution, specific to your unique requirements.


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